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Power of Prayer


– A spirit of prayer and the life of prayer are to lift us in the course of our whole life, during all the activities of each day and night.

– If I am unable to pray and my thoughts do not reach directly to Jesus, I am still confident that Jesus lives in me and permeates my entire being with His love. This truth fills my soul with a grateful and blissful spirit.

Prayer written by Mother Paula Tajber:
An Act of Adoration and Communion with Jesus Christ Present in us

O Jesus living in me, I bless Your presence in me! Take me into Your supreme, divine and saving possession, and rule over me at each moment of the day, so that I may faithfully fulfill Your Most Holy Will. I live only for You, Lord, and wish to carry out everything You have determined to accomplish through me. Therefore, Jesus, may you please work in me and through me, so I might be able to follow Your path to achieve what is destined for me.

You know, my Jesus, that the moments of life flow by very quickly without fruit, but I wish to make use of all of them for Your glory. Therefore, draw me by Your Most Holy Will to Yourself dwelling within me, so that I may not depart from You even for a moment, but always live in You, with You, and for You dwelling within me.

I wish to live in You, my Dear Savior, so that I may become like You, so You may obtain me forever as one living in You, so that I may become Your faithful reflection.

O Jesus, take me into Your complete possession, so I may live in You and with You, for the glory of the Heavenly Father, and that You may reign over my whole intellect and will, so that I may already think, desire, and feel only through You, in You, and with the help of Your grace, together with You.
May Your love be manifested through me; may Your intellect raise my whole being up to You; and may Your Most Holy Will unite and make me one with You forever. Amen.

Written by:
Mother Paula Sophia Tajber



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