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The Priesthood:
– Priests were put on this earth as representatives of God, to live by God in God. Not only are they to give God, under the species of Bread to others, but also, more importantly, to show others that God lives in them.

– Everyone must see that the priests do not carry God only in an elaborate monstrance, or in a pix to be distributed to the sick. Priests must live God, become one with Him and give example of how to live with and in God.

– Where there is dedication to God, there is also honor and glory to God.

Religious Life:
– Everyone in religious life has a holy obligation to care not only for their own sanctification and salvation, but to help Christ sanctify others and make them useful to the Church.

– Whoever wears a religious habit must have a heart of gold and a soul like the sun that enlightens, warms, and motivates life.

– Always be happy that you possess God. Always be grateful that you are able to receive Him daily under the species of bread. Be grateful for your Community and for the privilege of being there.

– Love your vocation. It was given to you by God the Father. God gives Himself to you. To live for Him, according to His spirit, that he may conquer you for Himself; you become His faithful bride in thought and deed, offering yourself to Him and neighbor in the likeness of Jesus, your Brother.

– It is a great day when God grants a vocation to the soul, but an even greater day when He claims the soul as His own possession. It is the most glorious moment of God’s triumph in the soul.

– The Blessed Virgin Mary cares for us maternally. We should ask Her to help us to foster Jesus in our souls. Who could help us more than the “Immaculate Mother” out of love for Her Beloved Son, to clothe our souls in the beautiful raiment of purity, woven from love and thanksgiving to our Beloved Bridegroom and Savior?

– In spiritual life, when the soul imitates the virginity of Jesus, its fruitfulness becomes richer and improved.

– Whoever learns to obey according to the Spirit of God and accepts the greatest grace of God’s Will, will perfect himself in aspiring to reach God. Unexpectedly, day by day he will grow stronger in God’s grace, which will gain for him control over his human nature.

– Obedience to the Will of God is the foundation of holiness.

– Poverty makes the soul satiated and overflowing with the Everlasting God.

Marriage Life:
– Parents should realize that marriage, according to the concept and Will of God, is an admirable, mysterious and generous grace and gift of God. Although it places a great responsibility upon them toward their children, this holy institution enriches a couple with many privileges of God. They become securely bound to God and join Him in performing His beloved, miraculous, eternal work.. “creating of the Mystical Body of Christ in the holiness of its members.” Marriage is most worthy of life’s dedication in order to become co-creation of a human being.

– The human race would completely renew itself if each and every family accepted the infallible truth: to co-work with God in the conscious effort of building the Mystical Body of the God- Man and perfecting its members.

– Parents, who neglect to manifest the greatness and holiness of God through themselves to their children, are not good and creative members of the Mystical Body of Christ.

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